Archival Update: Filson Summer Sale

Vaughn Wascovich, Neylandville,Texas #2

Yesterday, friend/photographer/collector Vaughn W. emailed to tell me that Filson is closing out their first generation collection of tin cloth luggage.

Sale page here.

From what I know, Filson is changing the color of the webbing from olive to tan for a more “monochromatic” look. Personally, I prefer the contrasting olive webbing so I’ll be placing an order for the small shell bag (and possibly the field bag–though I loathe those plastic quick release buckles). The tin cloth line is designed for shooting and hunting (as an alternative to the 22 oz twill luggage), but I’ve found that the lighter weight fabric, w/taffeta lining, makes for perfect grocery and bike errand bags. If you hunt around (or call Filson directly), you might be lucky enough to locate remaining stock of the original tin cloth tote with olive webbing–the best tote ever made…

What do you think of the new khaki colored webbing?

Addendum: if you know of a top quality source for US made webbing which looks like the kind used for the straps on the Filson tote… please send me an email (full Archival Webbing report coming soon!).

New luggage.

Best tote ever

9 thoughts on “Archival Update: Filson Summer Sale”

  1. Thanks so much for the heads up. I have coveted the olive field bag for a good while now. Looks like I’ll have to act fast.

  2. Yes, still made in USA! Same for the main line of twill luggage. But I do worry about whether Filson will need to take production overseas to stay competitive, etc. That Passage luggage line (synthetic + made overseas) casts an ominous shadow over the US made goods.

    Would folks buy Filson if it were not US made (but retained that “authentic” Filson look)?

  3. Pete,
    Yes, we can usually customize our packs. We do have a few limits, but you can write what you’d like done and I can let you know if it is possible. We will be making waxed canvas products again in the near future… In the past, the quality of the canvas we had did not meet our standards, but we have once again found something that will suit us. Let me know what bag you might be interested in getting with the wax coating, and I will let you know. Thanks, and have a great day!

    this is from duluth lesli

  4. I got my bags (Duffle and Shell bag) and love them.

    I did notice last night that in the movie Enemy of the Sate with Will Smith and Gene Hackman that Hackman stuffs his cat in a Filson Duffle. May as well have the best.


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