Archival Spectators

Notes: Fall Filson trickling into the “New Arrivals” section of the website (more to come, I assume, once semi-annual sale flushes out discontinued items, etc).

Items include additions to the wool luggage line like a timber camo duffle and grey multi tote.

Surprised by this wool bomber for Women. More Filson or Old Navy?

Jealous of this jacket and this jacket in different weight wools for gents. Filson, please consider offering this style for women in 2011.

I’m most excited about this Upland Jacket in a shorter, trimmer cut for women. It’s what I was expecting from Filson when they first introduced this collection (modern fit without pandering details like pleats or side panels). Wishing it were 2010 and the Upland Jacket had migrated over to the marked down, web specials section (optic corrupted by a few minutes in Zara today).

I’ve seen down vests and jackets (for men and women) from this seller on ebay. But nothing is up on the site yet.

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7 thoughts on “Archival Spectators”

  1. That new womans jacket is great- it keeps the Filson quality in a contemporary cut that is still reminiscent of their “heritage” styling. Jackets like this can help keep a company like Filson afloat by introducing them to a wider market. If the fit is as smart and semi tailored as the picture indicates it could be a surprise winner. That and the style is clean enough it could be a staple item.

    I wonder if the outfitter has the same odd sized sleeves as the Tin Jacket?

  2. Hmmm-I really like that Midweight Outfitter jacket much better than the Mackinaw wool Bomber at the bottom of the page. I got that one two years ago,but this new one looks much trimmer.

  3. Whoa, that woman’s upland jacket is spot on. Can I say sexy? Same goes for the wool cruiser and tin cloth field jacket. Damn. And then they do the wool bomber?! WTF? Glimmers of hope for Filson, but I’m not convinced yet…

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