Archival Webbing Belts

We love our British military-spec webbing, especially since it took us so long to find an example that was up to our standards. The dense, stout weave becomes more supple with use, without ever becoming flimsy. This is a simple ring belt, with nothing more than a length of webbing with two solid brass rings. Our signature red bar-tack keeps things together. Ideal for summer use with denim, chinos, and shorts of all stripes. Made by the same folks who sew our bags in Springfield, OR.

SMALL – fits waists from 29-32
MEDIUM – fits waists from 32-34
LARGE – fits waists from 34-37

Made in USA

Available here in our web shop.

Illustrated use

Prototype for future belt width

3 thoughts on “Archival Webbing Belts”

  1. These belts look real sturdy. Love the new shop front! I’ve got a cleaning question: a stick of cocoa butter melted in my tan AC musette bag. It left an oily mess and I tried to rinse it out. It still has some oil spots left, and also lighter spots where I figure the wax washed off. What is the best way to clean this fabric and retreat it? Thanks!

  2. Fern–

    Sorry to hear about your bag. Unfortunately, waxed cotton is not a fabric you can really launder. It’s one of those “gains character with use” materials. I recommend using a wet sponge to clean off the surface. Your best bet is to apply another layer of wax treatment. This might help conceal the spot and apply finish where it has been rubbed off.

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