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Columbiaknit T-Shirts Now Available

Remember our post on Columbiaknit T-shirts? We’re proud to announce that we’re now offering this terrific shirt for sale in four colors. These wonderful tees were designed by our friend Jordan Saylor of Portland’s Winn Perry. They’re made of a stout cotton jersey, with chain-stitched neck tape, cover-stitched collar seam, double needle sewn hem, a lovely rounded pocket, and a perfect fit – slim, not tight. Made in Portland, Oregon by Columbiaknit, a Portland company who has been making sturdy cotton garments since 1921.

Our quantities are EXTREMELY limited – order very soon if you want one. We only have a handful. If you cannot add a size/color combination to your cart, we’re afraid that it is no longer available. If you miss out on this round, don’t fear – we’ll be offering a re-stock of this shirt in a few months (and possibly a long sleeve version, as well – thoughts?).

10 thoughts on “Columbiaknit T-Shirts Now Available”

  1. Yes, I believe Columbiaknit actually knits their own fabric in their facility in Portland, Oregon.

    We hope to work with Jordan to design a 1×1 rib knit shirt for women in the future.

  2. These are quite nice. Fit and material is just right. Picked one up recently on my first visit to Winn Perry.

  3. Back in February I bought some shirts from ColumbiaKnit’s “natural black” collection. The quality was great but the fit was kind of crazy–I was swimming in a medium, and I’m a big guy.

    But the fit looks ideal–really as good as any I’ve seen. Is a modified fit part of Jordan’s design? Did he contribute a whole new pattern, or just figure out a new sizing scale for the patterns they had? I’m just curious.


  4. Mitch–

    These shirts were custom designed by Jordan to fit a modern gent. They were manufactured for him by Columbiaknit. Sizing, and all details of the shirt, were specified by Jordan and would definitely be different than any stock item you might purchase directly from Columbiaknit.

  5. It would be great if you could offer these in alternate tall or “extra long” sizes.
    I’m 6’1″ and quite thin.
    I’m always looking for a trim T shirt that will stay tucked in.
    Mediums and regular Larges fit properly through the chest but are too short on me and won’t stay tucked in.
    Extra Larges are long enough but way too roomy through the chest.
    Thus– a trim, extra long fit, combined with this otherwise great design you’ve done would be ideal.


  6. Leif –

    Thanks for your input. I’m right there with you, being a tall and narrow gent with similar concerns. Unfortunately it’s just not economically feasible for us to make clothing in every combination of size and length, especially at this (very small) scale. If sizing is a persistent problem for you, I highly recommend taking up sewing – it has totally changed how I shop for clothing. Good luck on your search!


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