Archival Webbing now milled in the US

Archival is pleased to announce that our signature, military spec cotton webbing is now being milled in the US. While we love our made in UK webbing, we’ve been looking for a domestic source for several years. Unfortunately, most US narrow fabric companies have shifted manufacturing emphasis from cotton to nylon webbing. Archival prefers cotton to nylon for its traditional appearance, soft hand and durability. Over time, the dense, stout weave becomes more supple with use, without becoming flimsy. Tireless searching by Archival team members led to the discovery of a new domestic webbing source that could produce best quality, all cotton web to our Archival specifications. As a heritage bag company, we are thrilled to finally be sourcing this key component of our bags in the United States. Although you won’t notice a difference between our US and UK webbing it should be showing up on most of our bags and belts in 2014.
Archival Webbing-9 copy Archival Webbing-4 RolltopMessenger_Twill_RT_Angle_Situ Archival Shoulder Tote Cinnamon Angle  

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