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Another link worth passing along is this one – Lost World – a company making ‘classic’ safari and other type of jackets – http://www.lostworldsinc.com/HuntingSafariShirtsJacketsClothing.htm



I recall going into a few interesting stores in the 8th and16th arr. in Paris, but don’t have pictures or remember the names. The best store I found was in Lyon – Armurerie Largeron. (http://www.achat-lyon.com/largeron) I bought a Le Chameau scarf there – I didn’t want to do a lot of shopping, since I didn’t want to lug stuff around. I’m attaching a pic I took of the store, in March 2003 (immediately before the US invasion of Iraq). While I was visiting the store, it was announced that a demonstration was occurring in the city center a block away. They ushered me out and pulled down the chain-link shutter covering (pictured), I guess to prevent demonstrators from breaking windows and taking guns. Those are CRS riot police (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compagnies_R%C3%A9publicaines_de_S%C3%A9curit%C3%A9) deployed in front of the store. I think the interest in Le Chameau brand stems from my obvious Francophilia – nothing more. My mother’s maiden (and my middle) name is Girault, so I’ve always has a fascination and appreciation for all things French. I like the styling of the clothes, which to me is a bit more understated and modest than Barbour. Plus there is the ‘uniqueness’ factor of something less readily available or even rare. That said, Barbour is probably a better quality garment, although I have only owned a Barbour hat (only thing I could afford). Don’t have any links or photos of favorites to share, although I took a photo of my Le Chameau inventory for you (attached). The boots are the entry level All Tracks (bought for $80 a few years ago – I could never justify spending $400 for the Chasseurs). I got the boot bag from a local store specializing in upscale hunting/fishing gear that has since shut down. I keep the boots in my truck for emergencies and usually wear them once or twice a year deer hunting. Probably will wear the boots this weekend on a birdwatching excursion with a friend. The migration is in full swing here, and hope to see some geese. I bought the quilted equestrian jacket a few years ago from the Le Chameau website in Colorado (since shut down). Fun thing to wear around town and to Christmas parties. Now, sadly, a bit tight in the chest (although I am now back on my spin bike hoping to lose a few pounds). And the aforementioned scarf, which I wear frequently on cold days.

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