Shopping From The Present

Catch and release: Filson, Mister Freedom & Margaret Howell

It’s going to be awhile before I partake in recreational shopping. For now, I’ll be closely following my own Archival resolutions, namely, number three: Do more with less. Add a few key pieces to your wardrobe and wear them until they dissolve. Since my closet is well stocked with key pieces that are likely to keep me garbed until 2030, I’m catching and releasing three things I was hoping to buy this spring.

Barbour x Margaret Howell Spey jacket for women
Filson 24 hour briefcase
Mister Freedom Longshoreman Jacket

And if you have the means, please support your favorite apparel and bag businesses like Filson (currently closed but taking orders), Mister Freedom (closed but offering all merchandise for a 30% discount) and others. Who knows what will even be available to buy once we come out of our national quarantine. Note disappearance of Best Made Co. and Sierra Trading Post.

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