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Thanks to Erick W. of Riotgeer handcrafted shoes for noting the availability of Trippen brand footwear through the Canadian online retailer Gravitypope. Sara, who just returned from Spain, noted that the footwear selection at Gravitypope was better (more stylish?) than what she saw (or could afford) in Seville. I remain smitten with the Todi style and was happy to collect a few more photos from Japanese web sites featuring this design in different styles of leathers (including an alarming aqua sueded version). I’m still unclear as to why the Trippen Todi is not offered in women’s sizes outside of Japan.

A shoe in need of revival is the Bata biker. I purchased several pairs on ebay so I’m pretty well set for the next decade (ebay high bid: .99 cents a pair). However, I’ve been getting positive comments from fellow cyclists and so I’m trying to locate a few spare pairs to distribute to the toeclips and straps crowd. Here are my Bata bikers in action.

As summer winds down, I’m bringing out my leather footwear (the slip-on genre) for restorative polish and evaluation for repair. Fortunately, my dog has not inflicted the kind of before and after horror shown on the Macrostie leathers website.

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