Shopping from the past: Trippen shoes

More archival review of items I did not buy while on vacation. This time from Tokyo, 2001. Spotted these Trippen shoes in the Matsuzakaya department store. Collected a brochure and took down product name so I could hunt them down online upon my return to Oregon. I never actually ordered/found a pair (no US vendor?) but I still have this cherished low resolution jpegs from the 2001 German website.

11 thoughts on “Shopping from the past: Trippen shoes”

  1. I’ve been following your blog for a while- good stuff! we have a number of interests in common.

    On Trippen. I looked through their list of retailers and I am very surprised there isn’t a store near you that carries them. It looks like the nearest city to you is Vancouver.

    They are a boutique-ee brand that is often carried by smaller fashionable stores with a comfort streak (think Cydwoq). They are not cheap, but certainly not current European Goodyear-Welt expensive.

    From what I gather of Eugene (never been), they might sell well there- or maybe at that other city a couple of hours north of you. Pester your local boutique!

  2. Erick–

    Thank you for comments. Your “football shoe” is amazing: http://www.riotgeer.com/gallery/gunton/gunton_shoes1.html

    I think my fascination with Trippen is a one-off obsession with this particular style of shoes (pictured). One thing about Japan: they actually sell lovely menswear inspired women’s shoes in women’s sizes.

    Eugene is not a great resource for non-mainstream footwear (let alone goodyear welted brogues). Our local Birkenstock outlet carried European “exotics” Camper and Blundstone for a year or so but sales were slow so both lines disappeared from the shop.

  3. Lesli,

    Thank you. I play with variations on vintage sport shoes here and there.

    I’m surprised that Camper sold poorly. Our Camper store in Chicago closed, but I think they tried it in too shi-shi an area.

    If you’re in the market for a pair of Trippen, I’m pretty sure Gravity Pope in Vancouver will ship to the US. I stumbled across their website a while back and had a rather good selection, but not the style you featured: http://www.gravitypope.com

    I love Trippen, but I think maybe they are spending more time defying conventions and retaining less of the classic appeal (I never thought I would complain about that!).


  4. Personally, my favorite place to shop for Trippen women’s styles is http://www.pedshoes.com. For me, it’s all about the customer service, and Ped has always answered every question I’ve ever come up with about shoes. They make spending a wad of cash on shoes and boots (I’ve bought both there, I confess) a whole lot easier because I know I’m getting what I pay for. And Trippens–so comfortable!!

  5. I saw your comment about the quest for Trippen’s. There is a great little boutique in Chicago called Traipse. They have a great selection of Trippen and also excellent customer service. I highly recommend them. http://www.traipseshoes.com ..they have no pictures on their website, but are super helpful if you call them and you can look up pics on the Trippen website. Good luck!

  6. Although this is an old post, I’ll just jump in to note that I order from Trippen in Germany about twice a year–they’re super reliable and wonderfully communicative. I’ve never had a shipping problem and of course I can get exactly the shoes I want, custom colors, etc. In general, I’ve found the lined/closed shoes to be the most durable and the elk to be problematically fragile. The elk shoes are lovely, but really genuinely not to be worn for much more than sitting, standing and a little light walking, whereas the lined/closed shoes stand up to almost anything.

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