From the Archives: Arnys of France

Sara is in Seville where she reports that high temperatures have driven her inside, limiting her consumer activity to late night window shopping (and daytime consumption of pork products). On her behalf, I’m crusing back through old travel photos from our 06 trip to France, lamenting retail temptations that I could not fund. Foremost was my window gawking pause at the Arnys menswear store in Paris. Of course, at my income level, my only access to Arnys will be via the glossy Arnys catalogue (better than a MOMA production) and a long ago library patron–an interior designer for high end restaurants in Portland–who actually owned a stunning corduroy Forestiere jacket.

For more, see The Sartorialist.

8 thoughts on “From the Archives: Arnys of France”

  1. I stumbled into Arnys during my trip to Paris this March. I work in advertising and took many illicit pictures of their window displays. I would do nearly anything to get my hands on a catalog. Can you mail order one?????!

  2. I was too intimidated to go in (I was in full junky mid-summer tourist outfit mode at the time). I just ordered catalogs directly from Arnys (via website, I think). There ARE some retailers in the US but I’ve never had any luck securing Arnys items through them. Curiout to know about the womenswear. Do they have a scaled down Forestiere for women?
    Do post photos on flickr!

    This US catalog company has sold Arnys items in the past:


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