Maremanna game jacket
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From the Archives: Maremanna game jacket

In a frightening preview of Barbour in 2015, the John Ashfield brand of Italian hunting clothing has gone from pitching mossy moleskin Maremmana game jackets to pink logo tees, fleece jackets and beachwear. Grant Petersen of Rivendell claims that the first sign of an outdoor company in decline (namely, Filson or Patagonia) is the introduction of a women’s wear line. The first sign for me would be the availability of gifts, fragrances and teddy bears on the corporate website.

Though I’ve deaccessioned John Ashfield as an Archival Clothing brand I’m posting some photos of two Maremmana game jackets from the original Ashfield website.

One hour post-script: perhaps the first sign of decline is repeated references to your product in NYC menswear boutiques ala the reference to the “Filson bags piled in a mound in the corner” in the review of the Steve Alan Annex in today’s Critical Shopper column.

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  1. I think you are being overly critical of John Ashfield– why, just yesterday I was trying to decide if I should get the teddy bear with the Union Jack to demonstrate my anglophilia or the Stars and Stripes to prove that I am a Patriotic American(tm). A company that gives us such choices in plush goods should be lauded as forward thinking. 🙂

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