From the Archives – Winter Bicycles 1918 Military Cycle

Last week, I took a few snaps of custom frame builder Eric Estlund’s latest project –  a modern interpretation of a WWI military bike.  Dubbed the 1918 after Armistice day,  Estlund’s bike is an homage to the Columbia Military Bicycle models that were issued by the US Government during the war.  While Eric worked from drawings of the original Columbia Military Model, he updated the design and fit of the 1918 to make it more practical for use by a modern rider (in this case, a female Marine and WWI historian).  For studio snaps and a full report on the 1918, check out Eric’s site.

Double top tube for strength and durability

 Modern update – stem mounted shifter 
Internal cable routing to preserve the historical profile
5 speed drum brake –  another modern touch

Client supplied pennies that bracket the war – one from 1914, and one from 1918.
Custom rear carrier
Wool blanket sample for paint matching – Dixie Tan

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