Studio Visit – Owner Operator

In the same building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that houses ETWAS and Outlier (two of our favorite makers), two gents are quietly doing some killer work on snowboarding clothing. Yes, it’s stylish, and yes, it’s sold in boutiques – in fact, they have a pop-up at Nepenthes right now. But this is straight-up technical clothing, designed by snowboarders, for snowboarders. Owner Operator is awesome.

Now, I’m not a snowboarder. I grew up cross-country skiing, and didn’t even try the downhill variety until just a few years back. That said, I recognize the need in any outdoor sport to have some gear available that’s technically functional without looking like a candy-colored astronaut.

Steven and Peter deliver the goods. They have understated jackets, pants, and shirts (including an amazing lined CPO shirt with on-seam handwarmer packets), but honestly, my favorite thing in the line are these mittens. Putting your hands in these puppies is like wrapping a fluffy house cat in Gore-Tex and taking the whole kit to the slopes. Amazing. Thanks for the tour, fellas.

4 thoughts on “Studio Visit – Owner Operator”

  1. What a cool space those guys have set up, good for them, stuff looks great.

    Anybody know what kind of pen/paper that is in the shot of those designs? Looks really nice…

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