Geeky Rain Garb

This season, I’ve pledged to do a full randonneuring series–from a 200k ride in March to a 1000k in June. Not sure if I’ll make it past the 300k but I’m trying to train and log as many miles now despite dark and chilly February conditions. Out in the rain today, I put my full wet weather costume to the test: rainlegs, burley booties, a Nigel Smythe waterproof country bag, Showers Pass jacket and a pink shower cap to protect my beloved brooks leather saddle. Fueled by a Hideaway potato flour donut, I took off on a gentle 28 mile loop. After two hours of steady rain riding, I was pleased to note that my usual wet weather weak points were ok: legs and feet and torso were all dry and Nigel Smythe bag only showed a small, quarter sized leak on the inside flap (no harm to the Hideaway loaf inside). I’m not excited about riding in the rain but now it might come down to managing low grade matters like moisture build up on my lenses or finding the perfect balance between exposed/unexposed skin, opened and closed zippers. Question: will garb dry out and recover in time for tomorrow’s ride: a 50 mile trek out to the Lorane store and back.

For what it’s worthy, Jean Arthur is a delight. Watching her now in Only Angels Have Wings, I’m confident Arthur would make a terrific training partner or brevet organizer (her ride controls would feature steaks, whiskey and a bit of upright piano playing).

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  1. Good luck on your 300k this weekend – thats a beautiful route though I understand there are some tweaks from last year. I love my rainlegs also – the geek factor is high but they work really well.

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