Shopping from the Movies: The French Lieutenant’s Woman

Apologies for the lag time between posts. January malaise, Oscar film screenings (Volver!) and underlying dog/bike/home owning obsessions have kept me out of the archive. But now that the worst month of the year has passed I’m back on board for a little cinematic commerce. With my DVD player in the shop, I’ve taken to watching movies via Sara’s laptop. How perfect that in this viewing mode the closeness of the monitor to eyes and fingers makes film going even more like an act of e-commerce. First up for February is The French Lieutenant’s Woman–a forgotten gem starring Jeremy Irons and Meryl Streep (screenplay, Harold Pinter). In a typical Pinteresque plot line, Streep and Irons play characters in two parallel story worlds–one set in the 19th century, the other in present day (Nineteen Eighties) Britain. I won’t bother with specifics of the plot or comments regarding Streeps’ outfits (even if you’ve only seen the poster for this film you can mentally kit her out for the length of the film in a surf and sea foam deflecting, floor length cape). Further, clothing in the modern day plotline features forgettable garments and accessories–over sized eyeglasses, bad denim, pleated skirts, peasant blouses, etc. I haven’t managed to stay awake for the whole film but I can still recommend it based on Jeremy Irons’ 19th century Norfolk style field jacket. Screenshots do not do justice to this amazing garment–featuring double layered shoulder pads which support the weight of various satchels, bottles, spyglasses and a leather schoolboy satchel (perfect for use when collecting fossils or purchasing penny cups of milk from the local dairyman).

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