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  1. Ralph Fabricus and Co. and Russell are very nice indeed. In order to survive after purchasing the company, Mr. Fabricus re-invigorated Russell’s bottom line by marketing particularly to the Japanese and their penchant for things American. Familiar with these efforts through friends and traveling, I can say Russell has sacrificed neither quality nor their American heritage;therefore, we get great hand-crafted stuff and still-reasonable prices. If your thinking of getting some Russell’s… do. And tell Patty that Colin from California sent you.

  2. I do love Russell and agree that their US quality standards remain quite high. I once returned a pair of custom loafers three times to have the fit ever so micro adjusted. But I’m envious of all the Japanese variations on stock Russell styling schemes. Why not just offer those styles directly to US customers?

  3. Yeah, I agree. The custom options are really cool. I think, though, that Russell has a consultant in Japan that essentially does all their marketing, including aid in product development. However, every pair of boots I’ve ordered has been a funky mix of leathers and options, which they are happy to do. The only reason for the conservatism I can come up with is that their US base is so hunter-heavy and probably averse to such innovation. Living on the left coast like we do, we’re more open. Let’s both write them and see what happens. And, by the way, I really really enjoy your blog.

  4. Unless you have specifically asked about this model through Russell, I wouldn’t doubt that they could make it. I have asked about customizing shoes based on Japanese models and Ralph, from Russell Moccasi,n has been positive about being able to custom order them here in the U.S. In particular, I found a shooting shoe through Rakuten’s store Explorer with a vibram ripple sole. The sole is not named on the Russell site as available to order but, upon asking, found that it was available. Also, if it helps there is a link to the fishing oxford on Russell’s site and it is available in a rubber crepe sole here…


    Perhaps Russell only recently updated their site to show the fishing oxford. One could probably ask about other leathers.

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