Some items I did not buy from Hunting World, NYC, Soho boutique

Over the years, I’ve purchased a selection of carry-all and tote bags from the Hunting World boutique in NYC (and via ebay). Since most of my purchases were by mail order, I relied on an HW sales associate to provide me with digital snaps of stock merchandise. Extra visual review was always helpful given that so many HW items were discontinued or morphed in scale, color and trim in two year cycles (the typical time gap between my visits to the city)(now I haven’t been back in four years!). I’ve collected an archive of the digital snaps which, in light of the upcoming store closure (and discontinuation of the Safari Today carry-all bag line), may be of interest to nostalgic bag nuts like me. Note again: these snaps are not by me and do not reflect the actual contents of my bag collection. I’ll add more reference snap as I dig them up off my desktop.

OK. I did buy this one (and a counterfeit version by mistake, on ebay):

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