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Release – Archival Rolltop Messenger Bag

Intended as a sizable daily workhorse, our Roll Top Messenger takes design cues from our Roll Top and technical cycling bags, but is executed in our top-grade range of natural materials. Features pockets inside and out, a stout leather closure strap, solid brass hardware, and web-reinforced top hem for easy rolling. This is an ideal bag for the cyclist, motorcyclist, fisherman, or anyone else who needs a burly shoulder bag that’s extremely weather-resistant.
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rolltop messenger-66resize

rolltop messenger-68resize



1 thought on “Release – Archival Rolltop Messenger Bag”

  1. Nice looking addition to the line. One question, is there a waist strap on this? One big issue with messenger types bags when you’re on the bike is that they slip round to the front which becomes a big issue when the bag is loaded and you’re leaning forward. A leather waist, chest strap would be a very useful addition and would make is a definite worthy investment.

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