Renting From The Movies: A Star is Born (1954)

If Norman Maine had never tracked down Esther Blodgett (and Esther Blodgett had never been rebadged as Vicki Lester), I’m sure Esther/Judy would have done just fine for herself singing jingles on the radio and decorating up her furnished single apartment at the Oleander Arms. I hybridize my version of the story peppering Esther’s apartment with interior design details from her more successful story world: white leather Barcelona chairs, zebra skin rugs and an indoor aviary. Esther maintains her weight by eating hearty sandwiches made for her by her elderly landlord, an Ann Miller look-alike.

4 thoughts on “Renting From The Movies: A Star is Born (1954)”

  1. By the Nineteen Seventies, I imagine Esther finally setting out on a modest night club career singing numbers gleaned from repeated screenings of *Grey Gardens* including *Tea for Two* and *You and the Night and the Music*.

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