Shopping From the Movies: The Queen’s "Doughty Field and Stream Style" Revisited

Sunday night, during a screening of The Queen, I lamented not bringing along my camera for a little video catalogue piracy (not for self aggrandizing You-Tube uploads–mind you–but rather–to fill out my Archival Clothing imprint with shots of Helen Mirren in her Barbour/Hermes country clothing). Thanks to a recent NYTimes article, I can now put a name to the Fall fashion look which has me encouraging coworkers to sport brogues and/or wellingtons with knickered pants to work: “doughty field and stream style”. Here, I would note to my naysayers that I’m TOTALLY rejecting all of Mirren/The Queen’s indoor clothing ensembles(especially her sweater sets and that awful mohair/alpaca bed jacket). Side note: I did like the fact that The Queen had indoor/outdoor specific dog breeds (Black Labs for stalking the moors and Corgis for talky hallway walks)

In other waxed fabric news: tin cloth Mondays was overshadowed this week by a recent turn of events regarding my Barbour bucket hat. Last week, on this very day, I re-encountered my hat (not even knowing that it was lost) in a crosswalk five blocks from my house. As it were, the hat must have been been run over by twitchy eugene bike and car INTERSECTION traffic and exposed to rain for at least five days. In true prattling catalogue prose, I can report that the waxed cotton material survived the crunch. However, I’m also sad to report that the hat has shrunk down to a small child or chimp’s head size. Revival efforts and reports to come. Watch this space!

4 thoughts on “Shopping From the Movies: The Queen’s "Doughty Field and Stream Style" Revisited”

  1. You know, I like everything about that second image of the queen. The clothes, the dogs, the rover, even the genteel bodyguard goons in the background are absolutly classic.

    Good find

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