Rivendell Visit: 12/8/06

This weekend, during a nine passenger cargo van type fieldtrip to SFMOMA, I made a brief detour to Rivendell Headquarters in Walnut Creek, Ca. With no specific consumer agenda, I ended up purchasing a lovely beta version of the Nigel Smythe “country bag” and test riding a few stock frames (our helpful Rivendell rep pointed out that he had helped fit a past President and his wife for a pair of matching Rivendell mixtes). My friend and travelling companion, Lauren, chitchatted with one of the Riv staffers and–in the brief flash of the final seconds of our visit–traded one of her belly button photographs (to be exhibited next Spring in her terminal BFA show) for a lovely rusted Rivendell lug.

1 thought on “Rivendell Visit: 12/8/06”

  1. Sad side note: given the slightly gritty nature of our San Fran lodging location, I lost my confidence to wear my planned urban knicker ensemble, especially after hours.

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