Archival Animals

I’m going through a bad bout of January dog fever at the moment. I live in a rental shanty piled high with newspapers, coat collections, cast iron pans, etc. We barely have enough causeway room for cats and two people. But that doesn’t keep me from dreaming up my future pet (pre-named Hector, Ida, Irwin, Rudge, Lola or Madge). Horse-y wolfhounds and Danes are my current obsession (though my friend Hil notes that they’re basically made up of shaving cream and twigs). Currently browsing websites for strange euro-aristocratic imports. If you have a shoulder height hound you’d like to hand off–send me an email. Also, any good dogs available from the movies (other than Asta–too puny!)?

5 thoughts on “Archival Animals”

  1. Rudge is good…one of my current retro bike restoration projects is a ’51 Rudge Deluxe Sports Tourist.

    Cool blog!

    I have a vintage NOS red Filson cruiser in a woman’s size with your name on it.
    It’s yours if you can figure out how to contact me.


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