Shopping from 1921: Équipages Français

Manufacture Francaise d’Armes & Cycles courtesy Pillpatt (agence Eureka)
Thanks to one of my favorite Archival finders, Robin E., who pointed me to this flickr set featuring pages from Manufacture Francaise, a French firearms and clothing catalog from 1921. Per an auction note for a related item: “Manufacture Francaise produced an annual catalogue with over 700 pages and thousands of images of various products for sale. The catalogue provides a great deal of information of every kind needful to Sportsmen, Cyclists, Anglers, Tourists, etc.”

5 thoughts on “Shopping from 1921: Équipages Français”

  1. Nice post !
    There is a link from the manufrance website to order the 1910 catalogue reissue !
    You can also try ebay.fr with manufrance as a keyword.
    Respect for your blog.

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