Shopping from 1946: Field & Stream

Congress Sportswear

Masland Sportman’s Clothes

On a November run up to The Rain Shed for closed cell foam and cordage, Tom picked up this 1946 Field & Stream from a thrift shop. In a future post, I’ll showcase F & S advertisements from familiar “living” US brands like Pendleton, Gokey, Filson and Eddie Bauer. Today, I want to highlight a few forgotten outdoor clothing companies like Congress and Masland Sportman’s Clothes. US-made outdoor clothing has been reduced to a few well-known, premium priced brands (and aggravatingly, Japan-only reissues). But, the 1946 Field & Stream offers a robust selection of outdoor clothing with an emphasis on quality components, sturdy fabrics, tailored fit, good value and regional (not national) manufacturing. And of course, I love the generous selection of apparel for women (stream jacket, please).

A few more examples via flickr.

R.C. Nichols Corp.


Red Head Brand Co.

Archer Rubber Co.

Scotty Kote

Bancroft Cap Co.

Ripon Knitting Works

Dave Cook Sporting Goods Co.

Bone Dry Shoe Mfg Co.

Archival dress code for your next canoe trip:

5 thoughts on “Shopping from 1946: Field & Stream”

  1. I like the Scotty Kote form-fitting cardigan. Nowadays, you can get such a garment in capilene or other manmade material, but not in knitted wool—at least as far as I know, and if I’m wrong, please let me know!

  2. This is a great post, and a keen observation about the loss of regional manufacturers. Is the model in the Congress advertisement wearing a tie under his Maine Guide Shirt? Those were the days…

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