Archival Field Trip – Unionmade, San Francisco

Unionmade was one of our top destinations while in San Francisco last month. Todd has been getting lots of good press for his new store, and we wanted to swing through a take a look for ourselves. Well – with a list of products like this, it’s hard to go wrong, but it’s even better than expected thanks to the flawless presentation. It’s a comfortable store, not too crowded nor too sparse, and Todd’s long history in retail really shows. I was most excited about getting my hands on elusive Armor-Lux products, but it was also great to see a wide range of SNS Herning knits, Steele Canvas baggage, and even some bags from our neighbor in Portland, Chester Wallace.

Todd – the knowledgeable and gracious owner of Unionmade – tries on an Archival Clothing Flap Musette.

As soon as we saw the McIntosh stereo set-up, we knew we’d be in good hands.

Gitman and Armor-Lux shirting.

Lynn and Sara were captivated by this industrial-scale Steele Canvas tote, appropriate for serious farmer’s market visits, child transport, or bank robberies.

I became enraptured with this tomato-red Armor-Lux sweater.

Ever ready in a crisis, the Archival Clothing team was even able to help this young gent decide on the SNS Herning sweater best suited to his slight frame. He’s pictured above in Lesli’s Stark Cardigan, but we have the feeling that he went home with a zipper-front model – well done, sir.

2 thoughts on “Archival Field Trip – Unionmade, San Francisco”

  1. Second that crush on Armor-Lux. I tried on their pea coat in mid-July and didn’t want to take it off despite the heat. I’ve been wearing it through a Minnesota winter and it still feels just like an embrace. I had no idea clothes could have that effect.

  2. I certainly hope that Unionmade continues to carry Armor Lux clothing — I cannot believe that it is so hard (really impossible) to find in the U.S.! I have to load up every time I go to France.

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