Shopping from 2003: American Outdoorsman (was Frost River)

In case you neglected to order your waxed cotton canoe pack from Frost River before they went out of business, here’s a second chance to place an order through their 2003 “American Outdoorsman” product guide (before they rebadged themselves Frost River–and switched from straightforward product shots to aloof line drawings). At some point, I’ll post some scans from the last generation Frost River catalog for future Archival Clothing shoppers.

A German reader just sent me a link to his company’s website, Absolut Canoe, featuring a robust stock of current model Frost River packs–albeit at a euro price premium.

2 thoughts on “Shopping from 2003: American Outdoorsman (was Frost River)”

  1. I’m neither endorsing nor condemning these product offerings! I’m just offering them up as innocent historical points of reference. But perhaps the fanny pack pictured in this catalog WAS the beginning of the end for Frost River. Can you ever really recover from such a product offering…? Worse than leather coasters or playing card holders…

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