Shopping from 2005: EG Shooting Cardigan

Wool remnants at Centralia Knitting Mills

I tend to dodge the release of current clothing lines since most of the items are beyond my price point (Barbour x designer collaborations), are only available in Japan/Italy/UK or end up being total design disappointments.
In the last decade, however, there are a few high end clothing items I truly regret not acquiring. First among them is the Engineered Garments random loomed sweater from the 2005 Fall/Winter collection. In catalog form, it contains all the elements of a perfect sweater: cardigan style, complex pocketing, two-way zipper and an on-the-shrunken-side fit (doesn’t swamp the layers). I also love the red and black random loomed wool.
I’d trade the entire new EG line for women for the reissue of this one cardigan.

5 thoughts on “Shopping from 2005: EG Shooting Cardigan”

  1. Older Engineered Garments pieces like this frequently show up on yahoo auctions japan and you can find a lot of nice gems.

    Also, you’re probably going to love the Engineered Garments Fall/Winter 2009 collection. I actually thought of your blog while browsing through some of the pages in the lookbook.

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