Shopping from flickr: Leather saddle bags

I found Hollows Leatherwork while searching flickr for visual examples of the original, Rivendell leather saddlebag. Riv offered its original style bag in the early days of the company.I

Aside from Brooks and BillyKirk, there are very few companies who produce small leather saddlebags for cyclists.
I was very excited to find this clever, compact saddle bags from Hollows.

My interest in bikes is really bigger than my interest in leather when you get down to it. I’ve been a bicycle mechanic for many years and I’m also a UBI frame building grad. I have some ambitions in that direction, too, but they’ll have to wait until I’m a little more settled. My other flickr account is here:

As far as my interest in Archival brands goes, I’ve always been intrigued especially by companies who have 100-year-old designs that are still being made. The Red Wing 877, the Filson Tin Cruiser, and Duluth’s portage bags are all essentially the same now as they’ve ever been. As Grant Petersen would say, it’s not retro, they just had the wisdom to know that progress doesn’t always mean improvement. I try to do my work with some of that essence. My goal for each project is to make something simple, functional, beautiful and very durable. A dream come true for me will be the day the first thing I’ve made gets passed on to the original customer’s grandchild.

Rivendell Catalog #5

Moleskine holder with tongue and loop closure and once-around bracelet

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