Shopping from Freeport, Maine

Maine Guide Wool Parka

Commando Sweater

Maine Guide Wool Vest

Maine Guide Wool Pants

River Driver’s Shirt

Maine Island Fisheries and Hunter’s Tote Bag

Maine Hunting Shoe, 16″
LL Bean Rubber Mocs

British Slip Lead

Bean’s Swiss Collar Bell

I know that LL Bean has been shopped to death, but one must prepare oneself for possible holiday gift certificates. If I were Bob Lee on a Freeport, Maine shopping spree, these are some of the items I might buy. Bean boots (hi and lo) for modulating muck levels in the dog park.

At Bean, I might also poke around the racks of Filson knock-off wool cruiser vests and possibly try on one of the waxed cotton down vests. But if someone gave me one as a gift, I’d return it and reinvest the funds in the superior version by McAlister.

3 thoughts on “Shopping from Freeport, Maine”

  1. I bought a set of Maine Guide wool coat and pants a few years ago. Hoping for an economical alternative that would be serviceable, if not with that special Filson goodness. I kept them for a year and tried hard to like them, but in the end I sent them back. The wool material is just too wimpy. If not Filson, better off with Johnson or Woolrich. I still have a couple of River Driver shirts, as I have since the first one I bought thirty years ago, but they’ve been replaced with Minus 33 merino. The 400 g/m2 is unbelievably warm, probably too much for Portland weather. I think LL Bean’s heart is still pretty much in the right place, though. At least they’re not offering leather covered pocket flasks.

  2. I had a pair of 3 eyelet LL Bean duck shoes for years. I found them too low for some uses and too high for others. I loved them aesthetically, though. If I were to buy another pair, I would to for the 6 eyelet model.

  3. I’ve always been curious about the quality of the Maine Wool line. Good to read an actual user report. I’ve always loved the curve of the collar and the more modern looking overlapping, red/black plaid on the Maine cruiser coat.

    I’m currently wearing a pair of the six eyelet Bean boots for general outdoor use though the slip-ons are definitely on my future want list.

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