Shopping from Japan/UK: Quality Gunslips

Quality Gunslips is a UK bag brand that I know best via Japanese web shops. Per company literature, all Quality Gunslips bags are “hand-made using the highest quality British materials at our workshop in the small rural hamlet of Sarnau, Mid Wales.” Their main line of fishing and game bags are made from our favorite materials: double texture proofed cotton canvas, leather strapping, solid brass hardware and the mil spec webbings England produces without effort. The bags clearly share a familial link with other UK bag brands like Brady, Hardy, Billingham and Chapman.

Here are a few views of the Quality Gunslips Japan-only bags and their UK equivalents.

Flap tote bag (Japan)

Flap tote bag (UK)

New tote fishing canvas shoulder bag (Japan)

Marquis economy range (UK)

S Net Messenger Bag (Japan)

Game bags w/rot proof netting (UK)

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