Shopping from the movies: The Queen (2006)

Next to Montgomery Wards and Mamet’s State and Main, the Queen (Frears 2006) is my favorite shopping opportunities. I love to browse all the classic Barbours, Range Rovers, silk scarves, leather brogues, tweed keeperwear, cashmere crewnecks and matching dog breeds. Like a mail order house lost to time, The Queen stocks a small but deep selection of classic items – unchanged by fashion or consumer demand. Here are a few pages from my favorite catalog:

2 thoughts on “Shopping from the movies: The Queen (2006)”

  1. Great post, the movie itself wasn’t too bad either.

    Whenever the Queen approves a piece of gear it receives a ‘Royal Warrant’. You can search through the RWHA (Royal Warrant Holders Association) site and find out exactly where Her Maj gets all her stuff; her boots, jackets, umbrellas, liquor, stationary and so on.



  2. Defenders are beautiful machines and much more true to their heritage than most others. It’s past time for Land Rover to start importing them again. With diesels of course.

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