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Shopping From the Past: Hunting World Catalogue: 1968

I’m sitting down to place an order from a Hunting World catalogue circa 1968. Hunting World is probably my all time favorite mail order outfit of yore (though it continues today under different ownership w/a heavily Japanese following)(see: The ’68 cataloge includes everything for the upscale/urban Safari lifestyle from zebra skin magazine caddies to springbok hassocks to Danish chromed “supercube” furniture (avaialable w/genuine zebra tops). Not one to decorate with animal skins–I’m primarily interested in purchasing items from Hunting World’s line of outdoor clothing and luggage, namely Kalahari culottes and a rubber lined british game bag. Fortunately, they take payment by telegram.

12 thoughts on “Shopping From the Past: Hunting World Catalogue: 1968”

  1. i love safari-leisure wear as much as the next guy but i’m bored of this page in the catalogue and have been eagerly awaiting a new blog entry.

  2. ok ok. i’m landlocked in another state without access to spy shots of my next feature on kitchen sink sponges. guess i better bring out japanese filson, round II.

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  4. JL- I have a new Hunting World bag that I purchased in the orient and which I do not use. If anyone is interested please contact me.

    It is a good size for traveling but unfortunately I’m not doing much of that these days..

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