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Shopping from the past – Momovelo

Aside from my Montgomery Ward catalogs, my principal portal to shopping from the past is the internet archive’s Wayback Machine. Lately, I’ve been browsing the web pages of Momovelo, a favorite, early oughts mail order bike company out of SF. Momovelo was known for their sleek, custom city bikes. Most of the Momo bikes were designed with front racks, swept back bars and leather Brooks saddles.  Most of the bikes show a heavy debt to Rivendell Bicycle Works.  While I never bought a bike from Momo, I did catch and release a number of curated accessories including  Swedish snow goggles, a 100 % wool  Royal Mail sweater and  a Dutch vinyl game bags.   Here is a time capsule view of what you forgot to buy in June 2004.

   Momovelocheese1_760 cheese2_760 cheese3_760




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  1. That first bike is particularly interesting, utility-wise with the huge clearances for running fenders or ginormous tyres, even as unelegant as it is. Also it has fairly long trail, I’m not sure if putting a load up front will balance as well as a porteur style bike, but at least from personal experience, it should certainly handle a few kgs, no problem.

    The last style frame, I’m not sure, but I think that geometry is offered by one or two of the Taiwanese mass producers even now, although perhaps with a unicrown fork, instead of lugged. Nice lighter utility style.

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