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Shopping from the present – Archival Duffels in waxed twill

For holiday travel may we recommend our made in the USA,  heavy duty, best quality waxed twill duffel?  Perfectly sized for carrying on trains , autos, airplanes, boats, etc.   The duffel’s bottom has a double layer of burly waxed twill to put you at ease even when setting your bag down in damp or gritty traveling conditions.   Here are some snaps of my duffel in transit at the Eugene, Oregon, Amtrak station.   Available in gray, ranger tan and black.  For more info, visit our Archival Web Shop.




2 thoughts on “Shopping from the present – Archival Duffels in waxed twill”

  1. Hi! Really looking to get this duffle but I was just a little confused upon the actual color of the grey. I’m seeing lots of different shades online so could you help me confirm the exact shade of grey this bag is please? Is it closer to the color on these pictures? Or is it a darker grey like shown on archival’s website (the actual shop)?

    Appreciate it!

  2. Jamie- The shade of gray varies a bit from lot to lot and sometimes reproduces more darkly in stock photos. I would say the gray is closet to the duffel in the bottom image.

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