Shopping From the Past

Shopping from the past – Hebden Cycling Shorts

Flickr pal Hudsonic sent me these snaps of some deadstock Hebden Cord cycling shorts. Later, I traded him a trail cap for the shorts themselves.  Longtime blog readers know that Hebden Cord is one of my favorite, defunct UK brands.  The company went out of business over a decade ago – on the same day I filled out my order form for a custom loden cloth anorak.  I’m still holding out hope that another cycling specific clothing company will bring back this style of dressy yet heavy duty cycling shorts.



4 thoughts on “Shopping from the past – Hebden Cycling Shorts”

  1. Hi Lesli,
    I’m surprised that some enterprising company in the Portland/Seattle area hasn’t copied the Hebden Cord cycling shorts pattern and produced them. With all of the interest in cycle apparel that doesn’t look like the winners of the Tour de France, the Hebden Cord shorts would be a sure winner!

  2. Best use of stretchy cat I’ve seen in many moons.
    I’m keeping my eyes peeled fro Hebden Cord breeks, myself.
    Thanks, Lesli

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