Archival English Cookery

Those of us who cook at Archival Clothing love the classic Time Life series of world cookeries. I’ve cooked out of “The Cooking of Japan” for some time, and am hoping to soon start work on “Terrines, Pates and Galantines.” But I was recently sidelined by “The Cooking of the British Isles,” although I’m less interested in the food than in the context shots. American hunting clothing is wonderful, but there’s still a place for a bespoke tweed shooting suit.

If any butchers read this, please consider reviving the stripey apron:

9 thoughts on “Archival English Cookery”

  1. OMG, I *love* those aprons. Keep me posted about your cooking experiments! I’d love to help if I can. The TL Japan cookbook was one of, if not the, first cookbook I owned, and I have always had a fondness for that series.

  2. Great post and pictures. For good English Country Cooking..try boks by “The Two fat Ladies”
    Read my Blog entry for Road Kill Ball for a local version of the narrative you posted. Good work!

  3. That is one gnarly guy in the first photo. I think I would rather shoot with him than the other gentleman. Not to mention pub crawling! Thank you for an interesting post.

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