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Archival Field Trip

Archival Field Trip – Crescent Down Works

Crescent Down Works is one of those amazing northwest companies that is better known in Japan than in the US. Crescent was founded in 1974 as a custom down vest company in Seattle, WA. The company’s founder, Anne Michelson, got her start at Eddie Bauer another exemplary regional manufacturer. Crescent produces a tightly edited collection of down vests, jackets, parks, sweaters and children’s clothing. I’m hugely fond of this down shirt. You can buy directly from Crescent or wishfully shop from Japanese web shops like Warehouse.

On Friday, Tom and I visited Nina, the Cutting Room Manager, to work out the details on a future Archival x Crescent collaboration (coming in Fall 2012). Here are some snap views from our visit.


North by Northwest vest in 60/40

A pint sized Italian vest

Orders packed for Japan

Special make up in wool herringbone

Best quality goose down from Pacific Coast Feather Co.

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  1. My urgent question: Did Tom manage to remember his duties as an uncle and snag one of those tiny vests for his very adorable nephew? Will model for clothes!

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