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Archival Field Trip – San Francisco

May 30th, 2013


Rancourt mocs at Taylor Stitch
  Random encounters with Rivendell


Sound level monitoring

 Mister Self Edge

 Harris tweed castoff

Sushi Boat

Archival Field Trip – Los Angeles

March 4th, 2013
A few snap views from last weekend’s jaunt to Los Angeles.  For the prequel, check out my LA Field Trip from 2012.
Friend Mimsy sporting an Archival Plain Musette
Blair, proprietor of General Quarters 
Signature, discharge printed kerchiefs
Archival Rucksack on display
Exemplary ensemble – Self Edge LA

 Self Edge x Flat Head denim after 5 years of wear

Out of the past – Mimsy mural print

 Retrospecs at Shelter Half

Tradesmen co-founders, Ruben and Doug
Wrist bling
 Tradesmen by M. Nii pop up shop

Archival baggage on display
California teen style via Lord Love a Duck (Axelrod 1966)
Wishful shopping – Alden Tassel Loafers (size 6.5!)

De Rigueur McIntosh sound system – Unionmade

More McIntosh – Mohawk General Store
Breakfast sandiwch – Salt’s Cure
Shirley Bassey – Oscars telecast
Feal Mor – Sadly closed on Sundays
Last minute media – Scotty McTavish McDougal McCardo

Eugene re-entry – Sundance Natural Foods

Archival Field Trip: San Francisco

December 15th, 2010

VO Mixte in the window at Box Dog Bikes.

Last weekend, Archival Clothing was in San Francisco for Showmanship, a holiday pop up show hosted by the gents at the Durable Goods Concern. I’m starting to think San Francisco might be my favorite city. I cannot think of another place that better localizes my obsessions for coffee, bicycles, and clothing. Not an hour off the plane, I had my first pourover coffee, visited a bike shop with a Velo Orange mixte in the window and browsed hickory striped chore coats at Al’s Attire.

At Showmanship, we had a great time meeting AC readers, flickr contacts and Bay Area friends. We also reconnected with a few of our favorite retailers including Taylor Stitch, AB Fits, Box Dog Bikes and Unionmade.

Here are some snap portraits of folks we met over the weekend:

Riv list friend in Filson Trucker jacket. Future Redwing Heritage boots owner.

Sightglass Barista wearing custom denim apron by by Holly Samuelson.

Michael (Taylor Stitch) in A.C. shawl collar cardigan.

Garrett carrying one of his custom, Strawfoot Handmade waxed totes.

Design and marketing student fit testing A.C. shawl collar cardigan.

Wm J Mills & Co. rep, Tom Beatty, and his family of bags.

A.C. shawl collar cardigan in navy multiweave, XXS fit (coming soon).

Naz modeling our gray shawl. Not pictured: his envy inducing Lumix GF1.

ST and Bradley gawking over his rare bird, orange Rivendell Quickbeam.

Fatted Calf vendor at market wearing my new favorite Barbour, the quilted, super spare Middleburn.

He looked handsome in every shawl collar colorway.

Me in Showmanship shopkeep ensemble: Mubec/Dry Bones jacket, Saint James scarf, Filson whipcord trousers and Crockett and Jones Yarmouth lace-ups.

Nathan in unidentified plaid shirt.

farm:table barista and her new A.C. rucksack.

And some additional visual data points:

Woolrich John Rich and Bros. wool shadowplaid jacket for women at Ab Fits.

Bob Jackson custom and A. Homer Hilsen bicycles parked outside Showmanship.

Deadstock Wolverines from Goodbye Heart vintage.

Bradley’s Ricoh GR.

Pack basket at the Embarcadero Center.

A hearty thanks to the show organizers (Taylor Stitch’s Barrett, Jeremy, Michael & Co.) and everyone who came by to say hello or provided restaurant and digital camera recommendations (Ricoh GR or Lumix GF1?).

Archival Field Trip – Unionmade, San Francisco

February 24th, 2010

Unionmade was one of our top destinations while in San Francisco last month. Todd has been getting lots of good press for his new store, and we wanted to swing through a take a look for ourselves. Well – with a list of products like this, it’s hard to go wrong, but it’s even better than expected thanks to the flawless presentation. It’s a comfortable store, not too crowded nor too sparse, and Todd’s long history in retail really shows. I was most excited about getting my hands on elusive Armor-Lux products, but it was also great to see a wide range of SNS Herning knits, Steele Canvas baggage, and even some bags from our neighbor in Portland, Chester Wallace.

Todd – the knowledgeable and gracious owner of Unionmade – tries on an Archival Clothing Flap Musette.

As soon as we saw the McIntosh stereo set-up, we knew we’d be in good hands.

Gitman and Armor-Lux shirting.

Lynn and Sara were captivated by this industrial-scale Steele Canvas tote, appropriate for serious farmer’s market visits, child transport, or bank robberies.

I became enraptured with this tomato-red Armor-Lux sweater.

Ever ready in a crisis, the Archival Clothing team was even able to help this young gent decide on the SNS Herning sweater best suited to his slight frame. He’s pictured above in Lesli’s Stark Cardigan, but we have the feeling that he went home with a zipper-front model – well done, sir.

Archival Field Trip: San Francisco (1/2010)

February 2nd, 2010

by Lesli Larson

Archival Clothing made a quick trip to San Francisco over the weekend to see friends, visit shops, show bags and attend Andrea Marcovicci’s Johnny Mercer tribute. As it were, our visit corresponded with the opening of MAN UP, a menswear pop-up store on Market St. In the next few posts, we’ll document our finds. For now, here’s a quick visual review.