Archival Lament: Woolrich Brand Relaunch

Illustration courtesy Cavidanny

Japanese web shop offerings

Growing up, Woolrich was always the default brand if you couldn’t afford Filson or wanted something less profound for hiking or lake-side recreation.

As a brand, Woolrich pretty much disappeared from view in the 1990s. Of course, the brand would make a guest appearances, now and then, in the form of a ratty shadow plaid cruiser jacket at a thrift, as a four pocket railroad vest at the farming supply store, or most troubling, as vulgarized “sportswear” (tank and t-shirts in shades of lavendar) at the local mall.

Now, it sounds like the Woolrich brand has been revived, relaunched, reborn.

Regular Woolrich

Relaunched Woolrich

For me these brand relaunches are somewhat boring, trickle down stories. The relaunched line will only make it to Brooklyn boutiques or overseas web shops. What might show up in a contextually appropriate retail space like the Portland Outdoor Store or Robert’s Supply– will only be sized for gents or priced beyond the value of the garment (suddenly webshop Woolrich costs more than stateside Filson).

I’d love to see newly licensed heritage brands like Woolrich–which was originally manufactured as everyday workwear–to come back as a mass market staple (with bonus sizing for the women and petite gents, since I’m dreaming). I see no reason why everyday folks wouldn’t enjoy sporting workwear with a “vintage tough, Italian influence, designed by a Japanese designer” (High Snobiety, 26 July 2008).

Photos courtesy of Sfilate

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