Shoppping for the Apocalypse: Belstaff Jackets

From Volls


this place

Friend and I were interested in the motorcycle jacket Naomi Watts wears in Eastern Promises.

Belstaff has a lot of different jackets, and it is not always easy to find exactly the 100% correct one.
I try my best to find the closes one, and believe, that is kind of time consuming. 😉

To get more information about Belstaff in movies go there website:
http://www.belstaff.com -> then click on advertising -> Belstaff world -> lower left quadrat shows all the movies, Belstaff jackets has been used.
Even in the upcoming movie I am a Legend Will Smith is going to wear one of there jackets.

And I really like that jackets, they are definetly waterproofed.

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