Archival Parkas

Since I live in the wet Pacific Northwest, my idea of winter outerwear is a waxed cotton or tin cloth jacket. I’ll add a supplemental wool vest or quilted jacket if temps drop below 40. For readers shopping from ice pack climes, I offer some expedition grade parkas from the past and present.

Shopping from 1965: Eddie Bauer

Everest accessories

(Hold your brands against their original creeds)

Engineered Garments Storm Parkas in cotton ripstop for men and women

Montilay Army Duck Parka (lined in herringbone tweed)

11 thoughts on “Archival Parkas”

  1. Any links or specs for the Italy mountain park? I have and love the shelter cloth parka which has seen a lot use this winter.

  2. Click on caption for Mountain Parka and you’ll see that it’s available in Japan. Let’s start a letter writing campaign to Filson requesting that it be made available in the US as part of the Black Label line (for men and women).

  3. I grew up outside Chicago and spent a good chunk of my youth hiking, camping & fishing all around Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan & Iowa, in all seasons. The #1 go-to piece of clothing for the long, bitter winters there was the classic N-3B parka. Warm enough pass out in a snowbank, they are readily available & affordable at your local army surplus depot, and a required trunk item for long winter drives:


    Though nowadays, my parkas gotten so ratty I generally go to my double mackinaw first…

  4. Interesting lesli, cause they sell in switzerland, austria and germany..if you want me to find out more I can. I have a contact name there as well.

    The filson parka is beautifully simplistic.

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