Archival Field Trip: San Francisco

VO Mixte in the window at Box Dog Bikes.

Last weekend, Archival Clothing was in San Francisco for Showmanship, a holiday pop up show hosted by the gents at the Durable Goods Concern. I’m starting to think San Francisco might be my favorite city. I cannot think of another place that better localizes my obsessions for coffee, bicycles, and clothing. Not an hour off the plane, I had my first pourover coffee, visited a bike shop with a Velo Orange mixte in the window and browsed hickory striped chore coats at Al’s Attire.

At Showmanship, we had a great time meeting AC readers, flickr contacts and Bay Area friends. We also reconnected with a few of our favorite retailers including Taylor Stitch, AB Fits, Box Dog Bikes and Unionmade.

Here are some snap portraits of folks we met over the weekend:

Riv list friend in Filson Trucker jacket. Future Redwing Heritage boots owner.

Sightglass Barista wearing custom denim apron by by Holly Samuelson.

Michael (Taylor Stitch) in A.C. shawl collar cardigan.

Garrett carrying one of his custom, Strawfoot Handmade waxed totes.

Design and marketing student fit testing A.C. shawl collar cardigan.

Wm J Mills & Co. rep, Tom Beatty, and his family of bags.

A.C. shawl collar cardigan in navy multiweave, XXS fit (coming soon).

Naz modeling our gray shawl. Not pictured: his envy inducing Lumix GF1.

ST and Bradley gawking over his rare bird, orange Rivendell Quickbeam.

Fatted Calf vendor at market wearing my new favorite Barbour, the quilted, super spare Middleburn.

He looked handsome in every shawl collar colorway.

Me in Showmanship shopkeep ensemble: Mubec/Dry Bones jacket, Saint James scarf, Filson whipcord trousers and Crockett and Jones Yarmouth lace-ups.

Nathan in unidentified plaid shirt.

farm:table barista and her new A.C. rucksack.

And some additional visual data points:

Woolrich John Rich and Bros. wool shadowplaid jacket for women at Ab Fits.

Bob Jackson custom and A. Homer Hilsen bicycles parked outside Showmanship.

Deadstock Wolverines from Goodbye Heart vintage.

Bradley’s Ricoh GR.

Pack basket at the Embarcadero Center.

A hearty thanks to the show organizers (Taylor Stitch’s Barrett, Jeremy, Michael & Co.) and everyone who came by to say hello or provided restaurant and digital camera recommendations (Ricoh GR or Lumix GF1?).

17 thoughts on “Archival Field Trip: San Francisco”

  1. First, love your blog. Second, would love it even more if you could put captions under picture. (For example, what brand of clothes each person is wearing.) Happy Christmas! – Rufus

  2. David-

    Thanks for guest appearing in the post in the way of your plaid shirt and Wolverine boots. I have snaps on flickr.


    I’ll try to go through and tag outfits for reference purposes. Not sure I can identify all that is shown.


  3. Hi LL,

    Either Ricoh or Lumix would do the job. I have a leicaDlex4 and it is great so far and I have seen the photos took by Ricoh, also good.

    For the look, I like Ricoh 🙂

    Thank you for sharing the great photos!


  4. GF1. Seriously. You won’t be disappointed, I absolutely love mine and can’t put it down (except when using my Leica m4 or Rolleiflex). It’s that perfect in-between camera.

  5. Can the Mubec/Dry Bones jacket only be ordered online from Japan? Does an US retailer carry it? Also, the photo id’d as an XXS shawl collared navy multiweave–is that really navy? It’s looks like the gray/black multiweave you carry. What size would fit a woman who would generally wear a medium in women’s sizes? Thanks.

  6. Wow, the Woolrich jacket … purrrrrrrrrrr. Honestly, if money was no object, I would live in San Francisco again. If you can lock your rare bike up to a parking meter and not worry about it — that’s the world I want to live in.

  7. I need to be careful reading this blog. I now have your shawl cardi in blue (love it), rucksack in black (love it), and I WANT a bunch of other stuff — Middleburn jacket, your gray shawl, your multi-weave shawl, GF1, a new bike … yikes.

    Caneras –
    You might start with ‘do I want to go with removable lenses (SLR or MFT), or with a fixed lens outfit?’ If you already have an SLR, you might simply look into a 1.8 or 1.4 lens that works well in low light/no flash situations. If you’ll be new to SLRs, keep in mind you’re buying into, & hopefully staying with, a particular family of lenses (ex: Nikon lenses work on Nikons, not Canon or Panasonic, etc). So, unless you’re planning to sell it in a couple of years you’ll probably be most concerned about what lenses are available to you. The body will become out of date but the lenses can be used as the model body gets updated.

    If you like the GF1, you should research the Micro Four Thirds (MFT) system. It has interchangeable lenses but is NOT an SLR format. Panasonic (GF1 & soon to be released GF2) and Olympus (E-P1 & E-P2 — IMO better looking in a retro sort of way than the GF1) are the pioneers of this interesting, growing but still nitche marketplace. Here’s a GF1/E-P1 comparison: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/PanasonicGF1/page32.asp

    Here’s the latest on lens compatability for the GF1: http://panasonic.jp/support/global/cs/dsc/connect/g1.html

    If you’re considering fixed lens cameras, have you seen the Lumix DMC-LX5? It has all the good looks of the GF1, in an even smaller package, and it can be operated in full manual or full auto mode. And it’s gorgeous. It shall be mine someday (… probably when it’s the LX8 or 9).

  8. I have to limit my contact with SF. Came away from show with obsessions for new cameras, raw denim and Gabe’s Pelican city bike with Albatross bars.

    I’d move in a minute if Levi’s would give me some mid level leather patch debossing job (provided housing was included w/employment).


    I ordered my jacket directly from Mubec/Drybones in Tokyo. Limited stock but I understand that they might do more in the future. Ask K. at Self Edge.

    The sweater is a navy multiweave…navy/black/gray. We’ll have these in Feb. We only ordered one or two XXS so stay tuned. It fits a size 4-6 woman.


  9. I’ve been meaning to weigh in here: I love my gf1, except for the fact i love to use manual lenses on it (voigltander, which I love- and can afford)- the viewfinder is the problem. I bought my camera when they announced an optical viewfinder for manual lenses, but then they changed their minds. without a view finder in bright light I cannot see a thing on my LCD screen.rats. i have not tried the electronic viewfinder on my camera. If i had a choice now I’d buy the GH2, even though it’s bigger. It has more oomph- a better viewfinder being one of them-ommphs.

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