Shopping From The Present

Wishful shopping: Manifattura Ceccarelli Fisherman Parka (for men and women).

Here’s a sharp looking, Made in Italy parka from Manifattura Ceccarelli (by way of Dick’s of Edinburgh). This is a bit of a Beaujolais brand by outdoor clothing standards (founded in 1998), but I’m super impressed by their classic styles, top shelf materials (wool, dry and waxed cotton) and unisex sizing.

I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of jackets w/integrated down linings but I do live in a temperate climate where this would end up being winter overkill (I prefer to layer in warmth by way of a vest or removable liner). However, for most winter-bound folks, this would function as a bombproof layer that would easily take you from October to April (and maybe for the next decade since it will set you back close to $700 bucks).

Check out jackets by Manifattura Ceccarelli  via Dick’s of Edinburgh or Sunsetstar.

Bonus view: Manifattura’s waxed cape! Whoa!

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